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Maker: Tom Haas Sr.

Rolled cylinder scenes from Colt revolvers produced from the cylinders that Tom Haas Sr, had either made or duplicated. Tom Haas Sr. was the greatest restorer of Colt revolvers ever. These are made on brass plate and silver plated or washed. 1) The Mounted rifles and Indian Fight Scene as used on 1st through 3rd and Fluck Model Dragoons. 2) The Navel Scene showing Texas Victory Over Mexico as used on the 1851 Navy, and 1860 Army revolvers. 3) The Stage Coach Hold UP Scene as used on the 1849 Pocket, 1862 Police, Baby Dragoon, Pocket Navy and the 1855 Side Hammer Root revolvers. 4) The Cabin and Indian Scene as use on some Side Hammers revolvers. This is really a Great Colt item, to be mounted and displayed in a frame on the wall. Price is per set of 4 plates. Tom Haas Sr. told me personally that on the 1860 Armys to watch for the hats on the 2 men standing at the rail on the sailing ships. These plates clearly show that his dies did not have the men standing at the rail. My father bought these plates from Tom Haas Sr. There fore any 1860 Army's that don't have the 2 men standing at the rail of the ship could be re-rolled cylinders scenes with the Tom Haas Sr. dies. Watch and study the 1860 Army scenes carefully.

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